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By the time Sam got back to Ejia with the parts, the artificial gravity had been turned back on. Ejia had already stripped down the malfunctioning thruster and had begun to rebuild it. Sam quickly handed Ejia the bag of supplies. She quickly pulled out the necessary parts and stuck her head back into the panels. In no time at all, the panels were back on.

“Captain,” Sam called on the ships com. “We're ready to break orbit. Set our drift towards Terra Luna.”

“Got it,” the Captain replied casually. “Course has been laid in. Computer initiating.”

Sam once more turned to Ejia. “I'm heading up to NavCon. Are you going to stay here?”

“Indeed,” she replied while trying to smile. Sam knew she was trying to show optimism, but something about her fake smile didn't sit right with him. Before Sam left the cargo bay, he turned back. Ejia had already already folded down a chair and was strapped in. He Compad was open. It was hard to make out, but Sam was sure she was looking at some diagnostic chart or something productive. 'She's always working,' Sam thought to himself.

Sam walked into NavCon and sat down a immediately checked the nav charts. The ship was showing a slow drift away from the planet. Sam didn't even remember feeling the maneuver thrusters engage. Sam typed in some commands to rotate the ship 180 degrees. The second set of commands turned the main engines on and set to idle.

“Ejia, I'm going to bring the forward thrusters up to 100% power. Are you ready?” Sam asked already knowing the answer.

“Affirmative,” the monotone voice replied over the ships com.

Sam looked over towards the Captain and saw he was strapped in. “Five seconds of thrust,” he mentioned quietly to the Captain in case he was curious.


The ship jerked as the thrusters went full. The crew in NavCon were once again thrown against their safety harness. Sam watched the percentage for the thrusters and the speed. He reached up and switched the thruster off.

“It all looks good  from here,” Sam reported. the captain nodded.

“Agreed,” Ejia confirmed.

“Good. Setting course for Terra Luna Orbital and engaging auto-pilot.”

The Captain undid his harness and got up. As he was walking towards the door, he told Sam, “I'll be in my quarters if you need me.”

 Sam nodded before opening up a sub com channel. “Lunera, Schism's Blessing.”

“This is Lunera. Good to hear from you Schism's Blessing,” the female voice came over the radio and filled all of NavCon.

“Schism's Blessing is 9 out and requesting a dock at the Orbital for one six to two four hours. We'll be needing a cargo pick up area and refueling.”

“Processing,” the A.I. paused for a few seconds. “Proceed to level one two dock four. Refuelling will commence when airlocks are sealed. Will that be all Schism's Blessing?”

“Yes, Lunera. Thank you,” Sam repied. The radio clicked as the dedicated channel  switched off.


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September 12, 2012

I hope you enjoy the new format.