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February 17, 2012

Sam laughed with him. I wasn't expecting to do an atmo stop on the first flight, but at least we know this bucket of bolts can handle the G's.

The Captain turned towards the computer screens and opened up the diagnostics and ship performance report. He scanned through all of the data trying to find the cause of the thruster failure.

I am going to meet Ejia forward hatch, let me know if you find anything useful, Sam said to the Captain with no response except for a grunt and a slight nod.

Sam made his way out of NavCon. After the rough flight they had, he manually checked each hatch before he continues through. This process doubled the time it took to get to the forward hatch; however, he considered it worth the extra time with this unfamiliar ship.

He didn't see Ejia when he turned down the last corridor. He checked the conditions of Cargo Bay 1, just like he had with all the other bulk heads doors. This one was different. The foam sealer must have worked. The cargo bay was showing atmosphere, but the pressure was different. Sam picked through the thick window on the bulk head door. Although the window was stained and covered in grim, he was able to make out a figure on the far side of the cargo bay.