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March 2, 2012

“I thought you checked this a week ago, didn't you?” Sam asked rhetorically.

“Correct,” she answered while pulling an electrical tester out of her jacket pocket.

“Do you think you can fix this, or should I call Terra Luna for a tug?” Sam asked while squatting next to Ejia, attempting to stay out of her way while still watching.

“Former,” she quickly responded. “Working actual data, not simulated.” She paused for a moment and stared at the tester for a second. “Isolating problem. Likely fixed 30 minutes.”

“Ejia. Sam. Status report,” the Captain called over the ships internal radio.

Sam pressed on one of the implanted switches in his arm. It was connected directly to his Compad for quick audio response. “I believe Ejia has almost isolated the problem. She'll be ready for a full diagnostic cycle in 30 minutes, max.”

“Sounds good. If everything works, I'd like to dock at Terra Luna Orbital station at 1750 for cargo pick up. Tomorrow we'll head out,” the Captain ordered.