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August 22, 2011

“Ten seconds to ignition, sir. Make sure you are strapped in tight, Captain,” Sam said while adjusting his straps.

“Don't worry about me. Just fly this...” The ship jerked forward and The Captain for pinned to the back to his seat before he could finish his thought.

“Twelve percent,” Ejia reported. Her voice seemed unphased from the sudden three and a half G's. Sam struggled to turn his head to the right at the nav screen. An overhead view of the system was displayed which showed several elliptical orbits of the planets. A small green dot represented their position. Their destination was the furthest celestial body in the same system. The ship quickly passed the planet that Terra Luna revolved around. The two bright stars at the center of the system grew larger and larger in the forward view screen. “Twenty seven percent,” Ejia reported again