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October 3, 2011

“What is the plan?” the captain asked.

“Just hang on and give me full control of all thrusters.”

“This better be good. Are you sure you can handle all thrusters?” the captain asked while typing in some commands. Before getting Sam's replied he spoke up, “All thrusters are yours.”

“Alright. We are aiming for the planet's mesosphere,” Sam said as he focused the image of screen three and magnified. Cross hairs appeared where over the screen at the approximate point of entry. Using the maneuver thrusters, he directed the ship to just above the horizon. The cross hairs turned from white to red as he locked the course.

As The Captain watched, he couldn't help but comment, “At this speed we are just going to bounce off the atmo.”

“Not with what I have planned.” With that said, Sam angle the ship upwards ninety degrees and pulled full hover thrusters.

“Projections say we are still too fast.”