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September 22, 201

"We are approaching our destination really fast,” Sam said with a bead of sweat appearing his forehead. The Captain nodded although Sam couldn't see him.

“Ejia do we have a time frame on that?” The Captain asked.

“Negative,” she replied slightly muffled.

“Can we get the main thrusters on line?”


The Captain turned off the com and looked to Sam with desperation. “I really hope you have an idea.”

“I've got a few,” Sam said while turning to the Nav charts once more. He gritted his teeth and turned to the screen on the other side of him which displayed a simple graphic of the ship and the operable thrusters. Sam flipped a switch on the control stick. “Ejia, come in.”

“Go,” her voice sounded slightly out of breath.

“Belay that repair and find something to hold on to. I am about to make this a wild ride,” Sam ordered nervously. The coms clicked off.