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September 13, 2011

"Forward thrusters are only giving me forty percent power,” Sam said hesitantly.

“Ejia...” The Captain shouted into the com with a worried tone.

"Fixing,” she interrupted with a slight worry in her voice.

The Captain opened up a diagnostic view of the ship. He zoomed in and there was Ejia's identifier. “How the hell did she get up there so fast?” The Captain questioned rhetorically.

“I told you she was the best. It is like she knows what is going to happen,” Sam just replied without thinking.

“Didn't we vent the air out of Cargo One?”

“Yes, Captain.”

“I thought we didn't have any enviromasks.”

“We don't, sir.”

“Then how the...”

“Captain, I really need to focus on not crashing, so stow it."

Drew this while at SNAFUcon. You should all go next year. Great convention.