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September 7, 2011

“Ejia, diagnose the A.G. Systems,” Sam said before turning to the Nav Screen. “Initializing forward thrusters in sixty seconds.”

“Roger that. Adjust course ten degrees port,” The Captain ordered once more. The ship started to drift to the left for a few seconds, then just sat there as the universe passed them by.

Sam typed into the main console then slipped his hands back into the controls. He then said, “One third full to forward in five. Four. Three. Two. One.” The ships violently jerked as it slowed. “Half full,” Sam said a few seconds later. The ship cricked and squealed.

“Hull breach in Cargo Bay Three!” The Captain shouted over the loud noises in the ship. “All compartments sealed.”

“Uh... Captain. There is something wrong..."

The acceleration stopped immediately. Everything that wasn't strapped down started to float. Sam missed the feeling of the few seconds between being pinned to the chair and the artificial 'gravity' kicked in; however, everything remained floating long past the usual threshold.